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Why Is My Power Steering Warning Light On?

power steering light indicator

The power steering warning light is one of your important dashboard warning lights. The meaning of the light can vary depending on the type of steering system you have (electric vs. hydraulic). Keep in mind, this light is more common in vehicles with a hydraulic system


Why Is My Power Steering Light On?

When you've experienced a loss in power steering, this light will pop up on your dash. You may start to notice that your vehicle is difficult to steer. It may come as a shock, but you'll need to put in a lot of power to turn your car.

In order to understand what caused the power steering light to come on, you must know what it is intended for. Power-assisted steering systems have been improving for decades. For many years, power steering was primarily hydraulic, meaning your car would require fluid to power the system. However, over the years, electric power steering has grown in popularity due to advanced technology. These systems do tend to be less noisy and require no fluid. Additionally, sensors have been built-in with the system to detect problems with your car's power steering system. Therefore, you'll see a power steering symbol warning light on your dash when there is an issue.

The 3 most common culprits for a lit power steering light are low power steering fluid, leaks, and electrical errors. To address the first problem, you can simply top off your fluid. However, if your system has a leak, it should be patched up by a professional. Last but not least, minor errors with the car's computer can trigger the light to come on. Fortunately, electrical problems can easily be detected by a mechanic with electrical experience.


Although it is possible to drive with the light on, it will be much harder. It's not worth the extra risk, which is why we recommend taking your car to an auto repair shop as soon as you can. For reliable power steering repairs, look no further than ASM Auto LLC.