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I thought the topic of tires and when to replace them may have been overdone. However, I may have been wrong. 

One evening, I was talking with my wife about the first blog that I had written.   It may be obvious, but I am not a writer.  But I try, LOL. When we were talking, I asked her if she had an idea for a topic, and she came back with tires!!!  At first, I was a little hesitant because I thought the topic of tires had been overdone, however she gave me some insight:   In the conversation, one of the things that was discussed was how many times while driving to work, my wife noticed other drivers would having problems controlling their vehicle.  At this point, I thought I may have assumed too much.

When we talked about it further, my wife mentioned that she had noticed the condition of the vehicles’ tires, and the inability for the driver to control the car in wet road conditions.   At that point, I decided we do need to talk about tires!

 Tires can be one of the more expensive purchases for your vehicle, but also one of the most important. Without good traction from your tires, the car is unable to brake, handle, or steer properly.   Just because your tires pass the minimum state inspection guidelines, it does not mean that the tire is safe for all road conditions.  I must say that many of our customers understand this, and if the vehicle does not handle as well in wet weather conditions, they have no issue in replacing the tires. They are of the understanding that risking an accident is not worth it. Now, like I said earlier, tires are expensive, so if it is not in the budget when they are recommended to you, consider the following: Take more time to get where you are going, slow down, give the car more time to react.  Also, keeping the tires at the proper air pressure using a tire pressure gauge is important.  This statement is not meant to admonish anyone; my sole concern is your safety, and the safety of those around you.

Thank You,

Joe @ ASM Auto