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Introducing Joe Mckenna!

Hi, my name is Joe from ASM Auto, a little about myself. I have been in the automotive field for about 35 years. I started out in the electronics field working my way through school in the local garage. I have always had a strong urge to fix things, even as a child. So with the introduction of more, and more electronics in the automotive field I decided early on to make my career path into the automotive field, first in independent shops, dealers, and in the auto collision industry, more recently in auto repair and service. In in each I learned different aspects of the automotive industry. Through my career I have received many certifications, ASE Master certification in automotive and in Body Master technician as well as ICAR certifications. I always tried to learn something new, sometimes what not to do. I always wanted to try and make a difference, that leads me to today. I saw an opportunity to make that difference here at ASM. Although it came with risk I felt it was worth it. So in a nutshell, that is my story, hope to get to meet you soon. -Joe


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