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Romantic Car Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Romantic Car Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a widely celebrated holiday that brings together those in love. While most couples may be fighting for a reservation at their favorite local restaurant, you may be considering skipping that idea altogether. We understand how difficult it can be to nail down a reservation, and the wait times will be extensive. If you're looking for new date ideas, have you considered romantic car dates? Let us explain. Taking a drive has been depicted for decades in pop culture, movies, and TV shows as the perfect time to connect with a date and have a romantic time. A car date isn't a bad idea, and will actually save you the headache of trying to make plans this Valentine's Day. With that being said, what types of dates can you actually rely on your car for? 1. Get take-out from your favorite restaurant, and take a drive to your favorite lookout spot. It could be a place by the water, or maybe a quiet park. Regardless of the destination, having your favorite food bu ... read more

PSA: Fuel Injector Cleaning Service NOT Recommended

Note to customers, friends, and family:  The type of service mentioned in this article is NOT recommended.  Most modern fuel injectors are self cleaning and, regardless, manufacturers recommend an "air intake decarbonization service" instead.  This is a perfect example of why it is important to either educate yourself or find a mechanic you can TRUST!! Link to the NOT recommended service below: PSA: We do NOT recommend the service mentioned in this article!!

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